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Our Maths Subject Leader is Mrs C. Whalley and she is supported by Mrs C. Martin, our Maths Governor. 

At Holy Trinity we teach maths using Maths — No Problem! New Edition Primary Maths Series.  

The elements of a Maths — No Problem! lesson:

icon with a person with their arms out

Inclusive activities

Tasks and activities are designed to be accessible for all pupils while still containing challenging components for advanced learners.

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Problem solving

Maths lessons and activities, based on Richard Skemp’s work, teach problem-solving approaches to encourage higher-level thinking.

icon of a block with the letters C P and A on the viewable sides

The CPA approach

Pupils learn new concepts initially using concrete items such as counters, then progress to pictorial representations before finally using abstract symbols, such as the equals sign.

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Questions and examples are carefully varied by expert authors to encourage pupils to see there is more than one way to solve a problem and avoid mechanical repetition.