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Our Curriculum

At Holy Trinity, we strive to provide a personalised, rich and stimulating learning curriculum characterised by the retention and retrieval of knowledge and skills. If children revisit key concepts in a pedagogically well-planned way, knowledge and skills-learnt become deep-rooted in long-term memory. Our curriculum is inclusive, equipping all children with the skills and knowledge needed for them to become future caring, responsible citizens in a diverse society. High expectations are embedded into our curriculum; ensuring that it remains broad and balanced; affording every child the opportunity to reach their full potential regardless of aptitude, skills, situation or background. Children are given ownership of their school experience, responsibility for their learning, and collective accountability towards the community and has a positive impact; giving them every opportunity to grow spiritually and academically. 

 Our curriculum is based on a combination of the National and Statutory requirements for Schools in England and the needs of our children and community.  The National requirements are met by following the National Curriculum for schools published in 2014.  Click here to view this on the Government’s website – Primary National Curriculum 2014

Colourful Characters 
Challenge & Change
Brilliant Burnley
Exciting Exploration


Gallant Growth
God's Wonderful World
History/Art Science/Geography History/DT Art/Geography Science / DT Art/History

Computing, MFL, Music, PE, Design Technology, PSHE and RE are taught alongside these topics using published schemes. Please see individual subject pages for overviews and skills and knowledge progression in these subjects.