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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium funding

The pupil premium is funding additional to the School’s budget. Schools are free to decide how to allocate this funding to best support the raising of attainment for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils. Funding is used to support learning and pupil well-being and to close the gap in attainment between children who are classed as disadvantaged and their peers.

2022/2023 – £154,440.00

In 2022/2023, the pupil premium will be spent on the following:
  • Funding for an attendance officer 15 hours each week
  • Intervention programmes and strategies delivered by teachers/TA’s
  • Funding for a Caritas Social worker 3 1/2  days per week
  • Additional lunchtime support for vulnerable children and those with the most significant needs
  • Funding for a School learning mentor
  • Additional Teaching Assistant support
  • Additional full time supply teacher in year 6
  • Funding for Read, Write Inc, phonics and reading programme
  • Funding for a speech and language intervention programme
  • Assessment and tracking materials
  • Staff training
  • In School, curriculum activities e.g. visits by theatre groups, visit from Life Education centre and activities to support the curriculum and personal development
  • Whole school visit to a pantomime in December 2021
  • Funding for the choir to go to Blackburn to perform at King George’s Hall in a ‘Singing together’ concert
  • Wider opportunities – Weekly music lessons (keyboard) for all children in year 4 lead by a specialist music teacher from Lancashire music service
  • Milk for all of our Key Stage 1 pupils
  • Dedicated SENCO time
  • Reading Mentor/ Librarian
  • Funding for online remote learning platform
The impact of this will be:
  • High attendance rates have maintained across the School
  • Punctuality continues to improve, and the attendance officer continues to manage a first day response programme
  • Vulnerable children benefit from additional nurture and support at lunchtimes
  • Children are able to access more support in lessons and small groups
  • The learning mentor provides behaviour and family support and supports the most vulnerable pupils throughout the School day
  • Teachers’ and Teaching assistants have had training to enhance their skills, knowledge and expertise which support school improvement priorities
  • Children have wider opportunities including educational visits and experiences which support their learning and personal development
  • Children are aware of healthy choices and lifestyles which supports future well-being
  • Increase in the number of children meeting the expected standard in the Year 1 phonics screening check
  • High quality interventions are run to support this group of pupils
  • A robust tracking system enables the progress of all children to be monitored closely
  • Children who have difficulty with early reading get daily support
  • Library is open at lunchtimes and children are encouraged to read for pleasure
  • There is improved behaviour support and an improvement in behaviour for learning.
  • Parents and children will have access to / support from a Caritas Social Worker