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Holy Trinity CE Primary School

School uniform and jewellery policy

School uniform is very important and helps to encourage a sense of identity within the School. At Holy Trinity we have high expectations with regard to School uniform and the leadership team undertake regular uniform checks.

Badged items are available for purchase from the School office or from Moonline (Standish Street, Burnley town centre).


Burgundy Holy Trinity badged sweatshirt

Pale blue polo shirt (formal school shirts are not allowed)

Dark grey school trousers (jogging bottoms are not allowed)

Grey or black socks

Black school shoes (no trainers)

Summer Term

There will be an option for boys to wear dark grey (charcoal) school shorts


Burgundy Holy Trinity badged sweatshirt or cardigan

Pale blue polo shirt (formal school shirts are not allowed)

Dark grey (charcoal) school skirt, pinafore or school trousers (fashion style trousers and jogging bottoms are not acceptable)

Knee length dark grey school socks or dark grey tights (no coloured socks or tights


Black School shoes (no trainers)

Summer Term

There will be an option for girls to wear a pale blue checked dress (other colours are not permitted)

PE kit (Boys and girls)

Plain white polo shirt

Black shorts

Black slip on pumps

Reading bags with straps (new design) are available from the school office from £5.50 each.

We are also selling Burgundy Holy Trinity reversible coats/fleeces as an optional item which cost £15 each; samples are available from the School. These have our school name and logo on them and look extremely smart.

Trainers are not an acceptable item of our School uniform, if children come to School wearing them they will be asked to change in to their black PE pumps and if these are not in School you will be contacted and asked to bring their shoes to School.

Earrings are not allowed for health and safety reasons (this applies to both girls and boys). If you are thinking of getting your child’s ears pierced please do this at the start of the Summer break so that they have time to settle down and they not be at risk at healing up when we return to School in September. The only item of permitted jewellery will be a small watch.

We ask that all children with hair longer than shoulder length have it tied up for School at all times, this is to avoid the spread of head lice.

Boys should not have any patterns cut into their hair and extreme haircuts or any hair colour is not allowed.

Thank you for support in this important matter. Please contact us at the school office if you need any further assistance.